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CaterHam Cycling is a renowned platform dedicated to providing a comprehensive range of cycling-related content and guidance. Established with a clear mission and vision, our initiative has become a go-to destination for all cycling enthusiasts. Powered by a team of experienced and highly skilled editors and team members, we relentlessly strive to offer valuable information and create an engaging community for cyclists of all levels.

Mission and Vision

Our mission is to inspire, educate, and empower cyclists around the world by providing them with accurate information, useful guidance, and an enjoyable platform that fosters a sense of belonging and motivates them to achieve their cycling goals.

At CaterHam Cycling, our vision is to build a worldwide community that shares a common passion for cycling, where knowledge is easily accessible, and where cyclists can connect, learn from one another, and find the inspiration to further excel in their cycling journey.


CaterHam Cycling was founded in About Us by Ronnie Lynch, a seasoned cyclist with extensive experience in competitive biking and a driving passion for the sport. Ronnie’s desire to contribute to the cycling community and share his knowledge with fellow enthusiasts led to the birth of this platform.

Ronnie Lynch – Founder

Ronnie Lynch, the founder of CaterHam Cycling, brings a wealth of expertise and a unique perspective to the cycling community. With a remarkable career as a competitive cyclist and a deep understanding of the sport, he is committed to creating a platform that brings together individuals who share a similar passion and love for cycling. Ronnie’s dedication to fostering a positive cycling culture and encouraging riders to challenge themselves is the driving force behind our efforts.

Website Objective

The objective of the CaterHam Cycling website is threefold:

  1. Information: Our website is a substantial knowledge hub, providing comprehensive information about various aspects of cycling, including training techniques, bike maintenance, nutrition, event recommendations, and professional insights. We aim to ensure that cyclists, regardless of their experience level, can access accurate and updated information to enhance their performance and overall experience.

  2. Connection: CaterHam Cycling aims to cultivate a vibrant and supportive cycling community that fosters meaningful connections between individuals who share a passion for cycling. Through forums, Q&A sections, and comment threads, we encourage cyclists to interact, seek advice, and openly discuss topics related to cycling, ultimately forging connections that extend beyond digital platforms.

  3. Inspiration: Our website aims to inspire cyclists to set ambitious goals, push their limits, and achieve their potential. By showcasing remarkable cycling achievements, sharing personal stories of triumphs over challenges, and highlighting outstanding individuals within the cycling community, we aspire to motivate our audience and fuel their passion for cycling.

Target Audience

CaterHam Cycling caters to cyclists of all levels, ranging from beginners seeking guidance to experienced riders looking to optimize their training. Our content is designed to meet the diverse needs and interests of everyone keen on improving their cycling skills, exploring new routes, and staying informed about the evolving world of cycling.

Unique Value

What sets CaterHam Cycling apart is our unwavering commitment to quality, authenticity, and inclusivity. Our platform thrives on providing insightful and evidence-based information from trusted sources, ensuring that our audience receives credible guidance. Moreover, we take pride in cultivating an inclusive environment where every cyclist is welcome, irrespective of their background or skill level.

Behind the scenes, our team of experienced and highly skilled editors and team members work tirelessly to curate, create, and present content that resonates with the needs of our audience. With our unique access to professional cyclists, coaches, and experts in the field, we provide a platform that offers exclusive insights, tips, and perspectives that elevate the overall cycling experience.

At CaterHam Cycling, we believe that by serving as a reliable source of information and cultivating a supportive community, we contribute to the growth and well-being of cyclists worldwide. Our website is a testament to our dedication in promoting and nurturing the cycling culture, and we are thrilled to have you join us on this thrilling journey.

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